Uyuni Salt Flats

After the INTREPID Sacred Valley of the Incas tour, another tour beckoned: Salar de Uyuni, the Bolivian Salt Flats. This started with a short flight to Uyuni in a Gulfstream jet. A long run on the take-off and landing due to the altitude. The tour guide Nadia met us at the airport.

The tour was quite wide ranging beginning with a walk around Uyuni before hooking up with our 4-wheel drive driver (1 of about 50 4-wheel drives out and about).The first stop was the rail graveyard on the outskirts of Uyuni. A collection of rusting rolling stock abandoned by a British mining company after it withdrew from its gold and silver mining in Bolivia.

After that, on to the Salt Flats where we were treated to an amazing visual experience and a sumptuous lunch with table and chairs. Some towns live from the salt economy and buildings use salt blocks drawn from the flats in their construction.

A pink flamingo egg and our driver – dead egg just laid on flats

Closing the day out with a little bit of Bolivian sunset.