Puno, Homestay and Lake Titicaca

A day’s bus trip from Qosqo to Puno trip lifted us to the Altiplano, a high plateau which extends from just west of Qosqo in Peru to Chile.


The following pics show some of the nature of the landscape of the Altiplano between Qosqo and Puno.




Puno is located on the western edge of Lake Titicaca.  On arrival, Intrepid tour guide Diana led us on a shopping tour to buy daily essentials as gifts for our homestay on the Capacchian peninsula jutting into Lake Titicaca. Dinner at a restaurant in Lima Street was enjoyed by many in the tour party.



The next morning,  we were up bright and early and had the most amazing ride from the hotel to the wharf in tricycles.


We boarded our launch to explore Lake Titicaca,  and the first stop was the reed islands.  Constructed by weaving reeds, these islands are anchored to their spot.  To shift the island,  these anchor restraints  are released and the island ia able to be moved to a new location.





The reeds have to be continually renewed to keep the island habitable.  Fishing and trips to markets in Puno  to sell handicrafts ensured that incomes are won and used to ensure nutrition was balanced..  The Island dwellers spoke a native language Aymara.  The islands were originally created by the Uru people





From the reed islands we travelled to the Capachica peninsula where we were to have a homestay experience including some engagement with their daily routine before gathering for a game of volleyball.



Click here to see a video clip from the great volleyball challenge.




Dressing in traditional clothing we headed off to the dining room where we were asked to peel potatoes.   Surprisingly,  some of the younger members of the tour party did not know what this involved.






That night a thunderous rainstorm swept in and we were. All so glad to be tucked up warmly.




Another earlyish start the next morning to go to Taquila Island, a place famous for the men’s knitting.  Our boat driver demonstratedthe men’s knitting skills.  Taquila Island had some nice outlooks onto Lake Titicaca.





We returned to Puno after our homestay evening, and had a final dinner, including a cultural dancing floor show,to thank Diana for her contribution to our tour.



A truly amazing person.  Thank you Diana Jarandilla.


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