Lima CBD

The first activity on the INTREPID tour entitled Sacred Valley of the Incas began with a briefing from our tour leader Diana. . Some amusing introductions helped get the tour party off on a good start.  A wide cross section of backgrounds and with three countries represented: Australia,  England (more correctly Great Britain,  but England proved to be more in line with expectations). 

We then went into the Lima CBD to see the Plaza Mayor or Placate AREAS of Lima.  We learned this square was the birthplace of the city of Lima and was surrounded by the Government Palace (apparently the current president is in residence in this Palace), Cathedral of Lima,  The Archbishop’s Palace of Lima, the Municipal Palace, and the Palace of the Union. 










A unique feature of the Lima Cathedral were the vultures roosting on its spires and bell towers 



A short distance from the square was Convento de San Francisco, which listed by UNESCO as a world heritage building.  A beautifully kept garden area, many iconoclastic catholic icons and artworks depicting characteristics of the apostles and of the 12 tribes of Israel were really interesting viewing.  A special silver stand weighing 1.5 tons is stored at the monastery.  It is used during a procession during the feast of ST Jude  TADEUS, and it takes 50 people to credit.The Catacombs under the monastery contained several ossuaries of those who had died naturally.  Photography is not permitted inside or under the monastery. 



On the way to the Monastery we saw the National Library building.



And the final part of the look at the CBD of Lima was to contemplate the living conditions of the very poor of Lima… 



To round off the day and to get to know each other better,  we gathered for dinner at Pärquetito  (a restaurant at Kennedy Park in Miraflores).





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