Parque Central and Parque Kennedy

​Parque Central de Miraflores, the central park located just south of  he circle intersection at Avenida Larco and Avenida Jose Pardo, is commonly referred to as Parque Kennedy. However,  Parque Central comprises two parks: Parque Kennedy and the larger Parque 7 de Junio. It comprises some six-acre in area and underneath the Parks is a large underground parking area.





EditThe two parks have beautiful gardens and ample seating, are popular gathering points for viewing the  contrasts in architecture between different eras.






Street entertainers and artworks abound as do the street vendors (Peruvian artists)who sell paintings and handicrafts. A variety of snacks and desserts are available from street vendors.  You might even be able to get your shoes shined.





The area is surrounded by restaurants and bars and Cafe La Paz gives a nice restful outlook onto Parque Kennedy.




Parque Kennedy  is famous for its cats. In the 1980s, the park was infested with rats. Local legend says that Iglesia Matriz Virgen Milagrosa, the church in Parque Kennedy, adopted a group of cats to combat the rat problem.  A stall in Parque 7 de Junio tells the story of the cats and how cat lovers can contribute to their welfare.

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