The ferry to Bohol was about a 2 hour journey, and really smooth.  Nice goodies to be had on board.  Tagbilaran City was the destination and it was similar to some of the smaller ports around New Zealand / Aotearoa.

The first order of business was to find the tour guide, the tour minibus/van and the tour party. It was amazing (I thought anyway) how relaxed I was about finding all those things.  It wasn’t so long ago I would have been full of anxiety about locating everything.  Maybe as one gets older there is less concern about things that don’t really matter too much – maybe life experiences since 1999 have shaped my way of thinking.  Anyway, Pedro was located as was the van and the tour party. Bohol  (20 of 1) Bohol  (60 of 3)

And so began an amazing day involving lots of countryside, village life observed as the van passed through,  the tarsier, the tarsier man, Loboc river and a leisurely cruise and sumptuous lunch,  chocolate (well starting to become chocolate) hills, butterflies and moths,  rice fields, workers in rice fields, rice drying,  mahogany forests (quickly passed through), Bacloyan church, the blood compact memorial, and then back to the Super Cat ferry for a trip back to Cebu City.  A most enjoyable and most interesting and quite tiring outing.  Bohol  (15 of 1)Bohol  (25 of 32)
Bohol  (26 of 32)
Bohol  (33 of 32)
Bohol  (22 of 32)

Bohol  (31 of 32)

Bohol  (30 of 32)
Bohol  (29 of 32)
Bohol  (27 of 32) Bohol  (26 of 32) Bohol  (34 of 32)

One of the things that stuck in my mind was I was introduced to vanity at its extreme.  One of the tour party wanted everybody else to take pictures of her at every location as well as passing her camera over to have a minimum  of 50 (maybe 10) photos on everyone’s camera.  And poor Pedro was becoming anxious about making  the ferry – but did it worry Ms Vanity – not a bit she just kept holding up the van until she was ready.  Wow – thankfully she got out in Tagbilaran City itself, and then a fast trip to the wharf, out of the van, onto the ferry and 1 minute later the ferry had cast off.

Bohol  (40 of 32) Bohol  (39 of 32) Bohol  (37 of 32)

Bohol  (60 of 1)-3 Bohol  (52 of 32) Bohol  (51 of 32) Bohol  (50 of 32) Bohol  (49 of 32) Bohol  (48 of 32) Bohol  (47 of 32) Bohol  (35 of 32)

But what a sunset to behold on the way back.  Most spectacular.  Phew!!!  Moral of the story? none really as your tour party members are outside your control.  Maybe take time yourself to explore  all these things in a more leisurely fashion.  In reading up on Bohol on Triposo, it was clear that we had hardly seen anything of the island or its people. It is a beautiful island, smallish population but very very go-ahead – so much construction was occurring, some towns expanding, mostly fuelled by Tourism.  However, a more challenging side of Bohol (from an outsider’s point of view) was that Bohol until recently had little in the way of employment, and so many families were forced to have mum or dad travel to Cebu/Mactan to work to finance day to day living at home in Bohol.  Maybe travel home to see family every 2-3 weeks.

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