Long-time friends and the journey to Bohol

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The highlight of the second day was catching up with a long-time friend Gemma, sharing a most delicious dinner at the Marco Polo Hotel, followed by a lovely coffee at poolside and a stupendous view over Cebu at night.  A really delightful and delicious buffet meal.  Bohol (2 of 7)

Highly recommended.

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Chandeliers at Marco Polo

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The following  morning it was up bright and early to get on the way to the docks for the day trip to Bohol.  This was something I had been quite looking forward to, as it was intended to be a foray
into the less populated and more village like atmosphere.  However, a day trip to Bohol means a fairly fast journey around several locations to experience some treasures of Bohol.

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The trip to and from Bohol left Cebu docks and ended at Tagbilaran City.  It was a fast journey on a catamaran, and I found out later that there are many many slower journeys.  The super cat terminus in Cebu was amazing as it was the hub of many ferries to and from Cebu.  A special breakfast featuring longganisa with a musical accompaniment by a group of blind entertainers.

And then it was time to embark.  Had a newly married couple from Japan in our tour group who were also on the ferry.  Unfortunately, I did not write their names down.  Ocean research institute spied on the way out as well as some views of Cebu and its port from the strait between Cebu (island) and Mactan Island. Tagnilaran City was a very busy port and there seemed to be a lot of activity around the port.

And then we caught up with our tour guide Pedro and his driver.  A lovely minibus ride to look forward to.

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