Having settled in to the lovely accommodation in a private home, it was time to meet a new friend on Mactan Island and then explore … the shops.  I had heard so much about the magnificent malls all over the Philippines, and it was luck time – a relatively new mall, the Ayala Mall in Cebu City was still being tenanted in its upper floors, but it was a real hive of activity and what a lovely setting.

Ayala Mall (5 of 1)        Ayala Mall 2 (5 of 1)

And then a lunch in one of the many many restaurants on the balconies showing in the image to the right.

Ayala Mall (3 of 1)             Ayala Mall (4 of 1)

Ayala Mall (4 of 2)

And then, to top it off a jeepney adventure and return to the in-home accommodation, knowing that the next day was going to be busy catching up with a long-time friend who is the hospitality manager at Marco Polo Hotel in Cebu City.

Ayala Mall (4 of 1)-2                 Ayala Mall (5 of 2)

Ayala Mall (4 of 1)-3

And yes young
people the world over have that device in their hands.

More to follow

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